Humans, by nature, are territorial creatures. Whether it’s a seat at a coffee shop or our lane on the freeway, we make it known with our bags or car horns when we have claimed a space. But there are non human entities that are territorial as well. So what happens when humans and spirits claim the same space? Who does it truly belong to? On this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing stories that discuss the concept of territory.
First, I read a true story about a fishpond business in the Philippines that houses a spirit that refuses to leave. Then, we’ll hear from Greg Mania, who worked at a consignment shop with an easily disturbed resident. And finally, I share a true story about a boy whose life was changed when he witnessed the Smoke Man.

Chapter 1: The Kamatayan, by Maenquin
Chapter 2: Put The Doll Back, with Greg Mania
Chapter 3: The Smoke Man, by Jake

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Check out Greg's book Born To Be Public
Map of the Palaisdaan from Chapter 1
Greg Mania, Born To Be Public

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