Just when I think I’ve heard it all,  I am always pleasantly thrilled when a story comes along that surprises me. That’s what today’s episode is about - people who have witnessed something that is difficult to categorize. Unexplainable things, that you may or may not heard of, that are possibly not of our world. 
First, I welcome back Derek Hayes, host and creator of the Monsters Among Us podcast, as he describes a cryptid he witnessed as a child that set him on his paranormal journey. Then I chat with Susan Slaughter, paranormal investigator, as she describes her nocturnal visit from a hag. And finally, I speak with Mark Alan Miller, former Vice President of Seraphim, Clive Barker’s production company. I’ve been collecting ghost stories for years, and Mark’s is truly one of my favorites. You definitely don’t want to miss it. 

Chapter 1: Alien Big Cat, with Derek Hayes, Monsters Among Us
Chapter 2: The Hag, with Susan Slaughter
Chapter 3: The Man Whose Features Were Crawling On His Face, with Mark Alan Miller, Encyclopacalypse Publications

From Chapter 2: Susan's sketch and journal entry of the Hag
From Chapter 3: Clive Barker's painting

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